Our Promise

The best prices on unique, hardy nursery stock.

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What We Do

Cedarbrook Tree Farm is a family-owned tree and shrub nursery located near London, Ontario.

We grow unique trees in addition to many important native trees and shrubs. Our specialty is growing big evergreens and shade trees in larger sizes that homeowners just can’t find at garden centres.

When you buy your plants directly from a local grower instead of a garden centre, you get bigger plants for lower cost, and the plants are hardier because they have acclimated to our climate, so you can be sure they’ll grow well in your yard.

We sell directly to homeowners from our farm and also supply Southwestern Ontario garden centres and landscapers with trees and shrubs, both field and container-grown in our fertile clay soil.

And we’re always happy to offer advice about our large variety of available stock. If you would like to visit our farm, we’re ready to book an appointment with you. We are a working farm, so appointments are required.

Call 519-495-4778 or email cedarbrooktrees@gmail.com and leave a message with any pertinent information – we’ll get back to you quickly!

Warranty Info

Our nursery stock is guaranteed to be in good growing condition upon leaving the Tree Farm. Our warranty does not cover annuals, perennials, and plants left in containers over winter.

Our warranty covers the cost, one time, for a plant of equal value to the original purchase in credit. The following conditions apply:

  • The replacement plant is not guaranteed. We appreciate your understanding that we do our best to maintain consistency in items year to year, but due to growth rates and availability, this is sometimes out of our control.
  • Discounted items are not guaranteed. This is made explicit at the time of sale.
  • Our warranty does not cover damage caused by lawnmowers or line trimmers, severe weather conditions, hail, ice, late or early frost, summer drought, insects, animals, improper herbicide use, exposure to salt, premature removal of stakes, or physical damage caused by the purchaser during handling and/ or transportation.
  • Removal of the wire basket will void all warranty.
  • If we are not planting your stock, it is the responsibility of the buyer to plant the tree or shrub correctly, and to encourage & maintain a healthy growing environment. Failure to do so will void the warranty. We are happy to guide you through this process to ensure that your plant material is happy!
  • Once any of our plant material has left the nursery, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. All issues covered by warranty result in credit.

If you feel that your tree is not thriving, or is showing signs of stress, please email us pictures at cedarbrooktrees@gmail.com or bring in a sample of the affected specimen and some pictures of the issue. We would be happy to take a close look and should be able to diagnose the problem and give you some advice on how to encourage healthy growth.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

About Us

Joe and the family
Joe and the family
Ron and Jenny
Ron and Jenny

Since 2020, Joe Ienna has been the proud owner of Cedarbrook Tree Farm. He is family friends with the founders, Ron and Jenny Nauta, who started the nursery in 2003.

Joe has a background in Natural Sciences from Fleming College and worked for many years at Brinkman Reforestation, one of North America’s longest-running tree-planting companies.

Joe loves to serve local homeowners by getting to know them and their unique needs and providing quality trees and shrubs to beautify their properties.

Cedarbrook is a family business where Joe works hard with the help of Ron and Jenny.

Behind the scenes is Joe’s wife, Imogen, who helps with scheduling and bookkeeping. One day, his son Fitz may even pitch in with the work!